Parenting Resources

It's hard to raise good kids. And what is a good kid anyway?! As Whitney and I have prayed about how to do this, as we've looked in Scripture, and sought wise counsel, these are the tools we've tried and found useful. 


Don't Make Me Count to Three

Right after Boden turned three, he started to stare us down in defiance. Our sweet little one was no longer wanting to be compliant. What should we do? After listening to tons of podcasts, and reading books, and not feeling like anything really "settled well" with us, I called a mentor of mine who has eight amazing children. And this is the book he suggested, without hesitation. We bought it, read it, applied most of the lessons, and have found it to be, hands down, our favorite parenting book.


Wise Words for Mom's

This is a kind of chart that basically operationalizes Don't Make Me Count to Three in a quick reference guide. Once Whitney and I read the book we realized that we needed to think through the various scenarios that were challenging most, look up relevant scripture, and practice our response. Well, Ginger Hubbard has already done that work for you in this guide. While we still suggest giving the thought and practice to preparing your own materials, this guide is very helpful to compare your own approach.


Shepherding A Child's Heart

The second book my mentor recommended is this one. He said this answers the "Why" question about children and their behavior, while Don't Make Me Count to Three addresses the "How" to work with them. This one we already had on our bookshelf, and found it to be packed full of wisdom.