Personal Intercessor Team Page 


January 2016 Video Update

Key prayer requests:

  1. Pray that my family finds an amazing new church family in our new home in Berwyn, PA
  2. Pray that my work is guided by, relies on, and is dedicated to the Lord
  3. Pray for my health and discipline in taking care of my body

October 2015 Video Update

Key Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for emerging partnerships, especially with Joint Venture Silicon Valley, to unite philanthropists
  2. Pray for the words that I'm speaking in front of groups
  3. Pray for my wisdom in speaking truth to colleagues and clients
  4. Pray for open doors to resources to be steered into Kingdom projects


Five Year Plan

  • Serve my wife holistically, her health, enable her to resume a career as an Occupational Therapist

  • Be actively involved daily with the spiritual, educational, and physical development of my kids

  • Develop into my calling as a pastor of a humble church

  • Grow Geneva Global by 20% annually to steer resources into Kingdom purposes


My personal mission statement is to document and share stories of how God is alive and practical in a way that encourages people, especially my generation, to live a hands on faith.


Introductory Note

When I entered the office at Geneva Global my first week, I had such a strong urge to commit the work of my hands there to God that it literally took my breath away.


Then, that first week, a brother in Christ called me (he didn’t know it was my first week) to say he sensed in his spirit I was entering a new battle. He gave me this verse, Proverbs 13:22 - A good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous.


It hit me that God had placed me at Geneva Global for His Kingdom purpose (how I forget even the basic tenants of our faith sometimes).


When I was in the Bay Area a month later I felt drawn away to a mountain partly to ask God to show me more of His plan for my time at Geneva Global. What the Lord whispered to me was that this is a battle that requires a discrete new strategy that is the covering of the operations in prayer. Prayer for greater wisdom to quickly shed the hang ups with the enemy. Matthew 5:25.


You’d think this would have been enough for me to assemble men in prayer for this effort. Instead I passed it on to my CEO, who said that it aligned with what he is hearing as well and that he has a team of intercessors. How quickly I often try to pass on or outsource what God is telling me to do.


Then, a month later, a man I had met for the first time looked me in the eye and said he had a word from the Lord, which is that I need an intercessory prayer team for this work. As soon as he said it I agreed, the Lord didn’t have to tell me another time.


This is where I coordinate my team of intercessors, which are literally spread across the globe. I'll include here:

  • My quarterly video prayer requests
  • Updates on progress and answers to those prayers
  • Other personal information that is helpful


Please know that when I prayed about who should be on this team you came to mind. I covet your prayers. This is the most important part of this key stage of my career, which literally has me working with some of the wealthiest people on the planet to help shape their global philanthropy. I am in way over my head, but for God all things are possible. Help me pay the price in prayer.