The best way to attract millennial customers is to create and share great experiences.

I help you do exactly that.


Customer Experience

I look from the outside in for CX  touchpoint improvements. 

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Earned Income

I develop revenue generating activities and new products.

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I help see,  create, surface, produce, and deliver killer stories.

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I produce events to make you look like a hero & achieve ROI.

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I Bridge the Gap

I'm a millennial who has collaborated with and managed generations above me, with accolades at my ability to bridge them.

I'm An Artist

Creating great experiences is an art and I've been recognized for my talents by trade organization EXHIBITOR, the news media (Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer), my peers and business leaders.

I'm A Millennial

Many consultants don't employ millennial leaders. I've had the advantage of having decision-making ability on issues affecting 6 and 7 figure budgets.

Wide Experience Range

From the trades (construction, concrete), retail (clothing, shoes, groceries), professional (B2B sales, inventory), service (food and beverage), and talent (model, actor, manager), my generalist perspective proves valuable in relating to and advancing diverse clients.

I'm Demand Driven

I didn't set out to launch a consulting business, I simply kept getting requests to advise organizations. All of my business comes from referrals and each engagement is truly custom so I can take the care required to satisfy clients.

I'm Down to Earth

I don't wield my ability to solve technological challenges over clients, rather I explain leading trends and technologies in a way they can understand. Even more, I help cut out the fluff that often accompanies millennial marketing strategies and am proud that I'm often described as a straight shooter.

I'm A Hacker

Not that kind of hacker. I'm talking about the hacker mentality that Silicon Valley is known for...the ability to think through problems and often "bootstrap" a solution using readily available tools. Rather than fancy (aka expensive) solutions I can often achieve 80% or more of the same results with a fraction of the resources.

I'm An Outsider

I come with a fresh perspective. The reality is that an organization's internal team becomes immersed in the work and, however talented, often lose the ability to have an 'outside in' perspective, aka the customers view.