I'm Covered: A Poem

Can you believe it? 

That man, Jesus,

he picked his team,

put enemies together

a tax collector & a Zealot

the latter killed the former

in any other context.

That's more striking

than KKK + BLM.

It's like a donkey 

& elephant fight.

Don't think he didn't

have a point;

His Kingdom is


than differences.

His invitation,

His wisdom--

a man cleansed

by God's word;

soaked in prayer.

Holy, holy, holy is he!

Bringing enemies together. 

And as far as we know

the hatchet was buried.

Blessed be peacemakers!

they inherit the Kingdom

I want to walk like that.

Who is my enemy?


Not with this force.

Christs love


doesn't allow for

hate, divisions, walls.

Watch them fall.

Over and over again.

they cannot stand

in the presence of

love like that

not when the King 

the Great I Am

crawls into the flesh

a glutton for fools

get's hung out to dry

literally, he dies

for the least of us. 

To make peace with us.


Makes me want to run 

to my neighbors

Conservative + LGBTQ

Boomer + Millennial

NRA + Parkland kids

Pro-life & Pro-choice

The poor, the grieving

ISIS, Al-Shabbab, all I got

Anyone w/ a voice

My invitation?

Draw close

No fear

Come here


Dine at my table

What would I say? 

I don't even know

Doesn't even matter

Such is my trust in 

this man Jesus

His invitation


I've discovered

I'm covered